umi – mar – sea – 海 is a site specific project especially thought for Paço das Artes’ square space. Artist Rachel Rosalen’s inspiration comes from a Japanese concept – mu – related to the emptiness and the importance of the bath in Japanese culture.

The installation relates to the geometry of the exhibition space by potentiating it. The work umi – mar – sea – 海 symbolically recreates the introspective space of a Japanese bath. The immersion bath in Japanese culture has its origins in the Buddhism.

Indian and Chinese temples, which arrived in Japan during the Nara period (710-794 A.D.). In these temples, the bath was considered a ritual. Little by little, these baths began to open and it was in the Edo period, in 1591, that the first public bath opened in Tokyo. Japan has an intense volcanic activity and its thermal waters are considered medicinal. It is common for people to gather around the bath to talk or be with themselves. The space is built so that the landscape is at the eye level of a sitting person.


Sound creation: Rafael Marchetti


2013_ Espaço do Quadrado, Paço das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil (invited by Priscila Arantes)