between lost emptiness and artificial paradises
Rachel Rosalen and Rafael Marchetti

ready.scapes is a generative audiovisual machine that reads the algorithmic information flows produced by users’ navigation through a wi-fi net available at the exhibition space named “readyscapes”.  Ready-scapes answers to these contexts of supermodernity with empty fragments of maps that connect nowhere to anywhere, facing the automation of visualization machines and mappings, detaching places from the cultural content related to these images.

ready.scapes empties these flows by creating a suspension, a demandless navigation, and by allowing vital breaths within societies excesses. The algorithmic reading of ready.scapes generates a landscapes-in-flow, which is structured and rebuilt from an assemblage of fragments of these informational navigations, intertwining dystopian mappings and cities and creating new topologies beyond the traffic of the local network. ready.scapes establishes a relation between the phenomena of consumer-info-communication distributed on digital networks, pointing out somehow the automation of a techno-mediation as a cause for distance and displacement’s elimination.


It is an attempt to get closer to the almost intangible structures of new economic flows. By considering the urban structures distributed between fixed and fluid situations, these new topologies are constructed on timeless navigations, displaced from any reference of reality.

These new mappings fulfill their function of displacement and detachment and generate a surviving possibility of an excess of information and demands. Urban overlapped discourses are highly demanding and related to the high level of consumption as a lifestyle in the major contemporary metropolis.


curators: Gustavo Romano e Daniel G. Andujar
support: Ministério da Cultura do Brasil – MINC – Programa de Intercâmbio e Difusão Cultural



2013/ 2014_ Creative City Forum, CentroCentro, Palacio Cibeles, Madrid