poetics of silence in the works of rachel rosalen

text: Priscila Arantes

Cruelty is a form of organized violence. It is not necessarily erotic, but may flow into other forms of violence that transgression organizes. Like cruelty, eroticism is deliberate. Cruelty and eroticism are organized in the spirit of the determination to go beyond the limits of interdiction.This determination is not general, but can always shift from one field to the other: it is a matter of neighboring fields cast one over another on the euphoria of escaping from the power of interdiction” (Bataille). “Crude” is derived from the Latin word “crudo”, meaning something not cooked but incipient, designating charred but bloody meat. The latter is stripped of its ordinary ornaments or accompaniments, such as skin, and reduced to something bloody and indigestible. Documenta’s question “what is bare life?” surely relates to the theme of cruelty, this execrable, indigestible and banal part of real life. Bataille, after Nietzche, says that the real measure of Man is seen in the cruelest of actions.

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