This project takes part in a series of anti-war projects: CORPUS URBANUS and BLACK RAIN # an anti-war project, both interactive video installations; and ESSAY ON CRUELTY OR MR. FATZER MEETS THE QUEEN OF SPAES, a live cinema performance.

# 07 ESSAYS ON CRUELTY is based on a research on wars’ mediated images and the pathological disease which creates this violence – pure perversion, thirst for power and cruelty. Alice was the chosen character to talk about the human stupidity and greediness. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous book, the female character walks by this war scenario to discuss relations of power, the  banality and mediatization of evil and the imaginary that supports this cruel and nonsense situation.


2008_Paço das Artes, Temporada de Projetos, São Paulo, Brazil


project, direction, research, edition, post-production and Alice’s performance in studio: Rachel Rosalen
music: Thomas Rohrer [rabeca and sax] and Antonio Panda Gianfratti [contemporary percussion]
costume designer: Samuel Cirnanski
lighting and camera: Giacomo Favretto
special thanks: Arlindo Machado, Priscila Arantes, Rafael Marchetti and SUPER-DELUXE Tokyo.