post diaries

Rachel Rosalen and Marit Lindberg

In order to remember, do we need to forget?

The project post diaries is about memory and disappearance. Based on images, texts’ fragments and short appropriations, an imaginary invention of Japan under a fresh foreigner way to look at this country on the very early moments spent there. Time passing was necessary to elaborate these diaries in order to loose the sharpness and to recreate these recordings free from the need to be transparent and to describe a situation, that is imposed by daily notes . Of course, a diary doesn’t have the compromise to become a documentary, but it should have some correspondence with daily experiences. But five years later, writing this situation becomes impossible. The disappearance, the deleting, the miscellaneous and the fragmentation of those memories are inevitable. Images become frozen into many tapes, loosing their colors into a very smooth time fog. Overwriting this memory makes them alive. And what is exactly a memory landscape but a mental combination of fragments of experiences, deformed by time and always overlapped by other ones?

Post diaries is based on these landscapes and proposes the recreation of these recordings in order to keep the shared experienced alive. It also proposes a discussion about the effects of the passage of in our memory. Post diaries opens a discussion on media intensity, on the daily and massive reconstruction of reality effects in our memories and the created fiction of keeping alive media and memories.


2010_Memories of an Imaginary Japan, Japan Foundation, São Paulo, Brazil
2010_Paço das Artes, Urbi et Orbi, São Paulo, Brazil
2008_Victoria Theater, In Between You and Me, Malmö, Sweden, supported by IASPIS.


2005-2003 Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Fujiyama, Japan
and 2008, Malmö, Sweden – video: 14:58 minutes
thanks to: Japan Foundation, Nanjo and Associates, A-I-T, IASPIS.