Rachel Rosalen and Rafael Marchettivideo documentation

Hydrophiletic-Z is a system of flux controlled by an electronic network with the environment in terms of movement and an ambient distributed sound, through a hybridization of organic and electric systems. By having an electric sensory capacity, Hydrophiletic-Z can absolve gravity without losing its plasticity. The cumulative development of the piece allows it to be reactive to its own internal flow. Because of its low mobility, Hydrophiletic-Z needs to often restart its movement, in order to reload its structured system. The device is autopoietic: an autonomous system defined and invigorated by its internal processes. Half organic half mechanic, Hydrophiletic-Z communicates through both its mechanical and electrical reactions. Hydrophiletic_Z, is a system formed by borders and structure, but as a site specific installation it immerses and melts within its own inhabited environment. It is very possible to see its internal flow, organs and brain working through its transparent body. Its audible pulses come from its own inherent elements which are Hydrophiletic-Z itself and transmit the water flow frequencies captured by the system. This audible complexity is given back to environment, naturally.


2012_Whitespace Gallery, From Cosmology to Neurology and Back Again, Atlanta, USA.


curator: Jerry Cullum
support: Possible Futures
special thanks to Jerry Cullum, Susan Bridges, Louis Corrigan, Seana Reilly and Whitespace Gallery


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