This short film focuses on São Paulo but refers to big contemporary metropolis situations. The images were filmed (16mm) in a variety of studied and chosen locations in São Paulo. The work considers the city as body to which we’re all referred in a mortified relation. Nobody escapes from the scale and from an urban environment when living in a metropolis. Behind a skin covered by publicity outdoors, which brings erotic contents close to the pornography latency limit, in a city of big skyscrapers covered by mirrors and designed by a heavy and slow flow, it remains the image of a body exposed to the Other’s desire. It is allowed to show extremely violent and half-naked women’s images. But, what is it not allowed to be shown? The image of an erect man or of a sexual act, defining, that way, what is believed to be an urban structural taboo.  Fluorescências is proposed as a cut in that system, a puncture in a blister, a cut that exhibits exactly what would never be showed in public on a gigantic scale. Therefore, it takes the situation to its own limit, inverts the game, shows the dominant perversity in big contemporary metropolis’ relations, puts the spectator in question and suggests another sailing in the meaning of life.


2008_VIDEOZONE – 4 – International Video Art Biennial, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008_Festival International de la Imagen de Medellin, Museo De Arte Moderno, Medellin, Colombia
2006_Urbanlandscapes no.1, Kunstraum Walcheturn, Zurich, Switzerland
2006_Centre Georges Pompidou PREVIEW 2006, PARIS, FRANCE
2005_Art Week, New York, USA
2005_Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris, France
2005_Paris University, Paris, France
2005_ÉCOLE DE BEAUX ARTS, Paris, France
2004_A-I-T Hour Museum, SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, Japan
2004_Red Cube, Tokyo, Japan
2004_A-I-T, Tokyo, Japan
2004_Image Forum, Tokyo, Japan
2004_Instituto Cultural Itaú, São Paulo, Brazil
2004_ATA – Alta Tecnologia Andina, Lima, Peru
2004_MALBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2004_Videoteca del Sur, La Havana, Cuba
2003_Videobrasil, MADE IN BRAZIL – 3 Décadas de Vídeo Brasileiro, SESC Pompéia, São Paulo, Brasil
2003_Galeria EL ALEPH, Rome, Italy
2002_Festival do Audiovisual Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil
2002_Goethe Institute, São Paulo, Brazil
2002_AGORA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2002_TRANSFORMARTE, Milão, Italy
2002_Casa das Rosas, São Paulo, Brazil
2002_Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Los Angeles, USA


direction, creation and script: Rachel Rosalen
assistance, direction and production: Andréa Pasquini
filmed: 16mm
exhibition format: beta digital/ DV
photo: Hélcio “Alemão” Nagamine
first assistant: Eduardo de Andrea – Kiko
seconds assistants: Érik Mammoccio e Regis Maximillian
telecinagem: Márcio Pasqualino
edition: Edu Gehrke / Videcom
finalization: Robson Sartori/ Espaço Digital
composition of signage: Renato França/ Espaço Digital
music: Wilson Sukorski
support: Espaço Digital, Digital Filmes, Videcom, Estúdios Mega, Fallms Films and JKL Cinematográfica, Coviserv, Telefonica, Zeta Filmes, Cidade Internet and Microcom Informática.

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