The limit is between the desire and the action. Otaku.
The cut comes through the words and not from the knife. The violence that inhabits the draw does not disappear on the final cut.


2007_PLATAFORMA CENTRO MEC, Concentrado Video: Transiciones Digitales, Montevideo, Uruguai
2005_TRANSLOCAL URBANITIES > love politics , Yokohama Art Museum, Japan
2006_Palazzo Nuovo, Naples, Italy
2005_Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
2004_BODY & POLITICS, Image Forum, Tokyo, Japan
2004_A-I-T, Tokyo, Japan
2004_OPTICALDESIRES-EROPTICALPASSINGS, Japan Foundation, São Paulo, Brazil
2004_RED CUBE, Tokyo, Japan


2004, Tokyo, Japan
3:11 minutes
performance: Yoichirou Ozawa and Rachel Rosalen

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